Seamless Security Monitoring – Anytime, Anywhere

Powerbox Australia & New Zealand, in partnership with TelescopicMast and SFC Energy, presents an innovative mobile off-grid CCTV security solution designed for easy deployment and significantly reducing OPEX. Our solution is perfect for hire companies and security system integrators, offering unparalleled flexibility and reliability.

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CCTV Applications


  • Traffic monitoring
  • Construction sites
  • Public safety
  • Mining
  • Solar farms
  • Infrastructure Monitoring

The Solution

Key Benefits:

  • Simplifies and reduces costs for security integrators and hire companies.
  • Enables security companies to focus on their core expertise: selecting the best surveillance equipment for their clients.
  • Rapid deployment capability.
  • Remote monitoring of power system to ensure continuous operation in remote environments.
  • Efficient, minimal maintenance and environmentally friendly.
  • Local after sales support.


  • Pre wired and pre-commissioned electronics cabinet complete with dc coupled solar, battery, protection, load distribution, DC ventilation fan and EFOY pro fuel cell.
  • Designed in accordance with Australian standards. 
  • Ample space for mounting customers security equipment.
  • Pre-installed solar panels for ease of deployment.
  • Easy mast top mounting points for security equipment including CCTV cameras, lighting, PA & PIR devices.
  • Extendable outriggers for stability on non-flat ground.


Let's take a closer look

TM with solar panels-1

- Four outriggers to provide stability
- Easy attachment of solar panels
- Camera / lighting equipment can be easily fitted to telescopic mast (4m & 6m masts).

TelescopicMast enclosure
Enclosure is designed to accommodate a patch cabinet for ample electronic equipment storage.
back_Neutral_Scene_MSB-Compact 001+Trailer
Efficiently store electronics, power sources and batteries for convenient transportation.
Add your own devices
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Download the SFC Energy Brochure


Solution Value

Simple Configuration Icon

Simple Configuration

Choose from ready to deploy, plug and play models (80W or 120W) based on your clients required autonomy time (30/60/90 days). Customised models available upon request.

Plug and Play Icon

Plug and Play System

Ready-to-deploy mobile CCTV Towers for streamlined installations and reduced operating costs.

Local Compliance Icon-2

Local Compliance

Powerbox handles all local compliance requirements, ensuring risk mitigation for our clients.

Easy transportation

Convenient Cost Effective Transportation

Our mobile CCTV towers are easy to transport, providing convenient deployment in space-limited locations and reducing logistical costs for re-deployment.

Customised Power Options Icon

Customised Power Options

Custom mobile deployable CCTV solutions available on request to meet specific client needs.

After Sales Tech Support Icon

After Sales Technical Support

Lifetime support including operational guides, troubleshooting guides, and remote support.

Green Credentials Icon

Green Credentials

EFOY fuel cells, combined with solar arrays and batteries, provide an environmentally friendly alternative to diesel powered generators.

Minimal Maintenance Icon

Minimal Maintenance

 Cost-effective with limited site visits when compared to refueling and servicing diesel generators.

Alarms Icon

Simple Alarm

Simple alarm for low methanol fuel cartridge to provide peace of mind and simplicity for keeping systems operating.

Remote Monitoring Icon

Remote Monitoring

Save time and reduce costs with remote monitoring capabilities for key power equipment.

Easy Transportation Icon

Easy Fuel Cartridge Transportation

Easy transportation, local stock holding, swap and go convenience, and adherence to local and international standards.

Warranty Icon

Peace of Mind Warranty

 Enjoy peace of mind with a 5-year system package warranty (2 years/4800 hrs on EFOY fuel cell).


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